What a season! Find out how our teams have done

2018/19 has been an exciting, tiring, inspiring, sometimes challenging, and - usually - fun season. Not the Premier League - we mean for the Lee Rangers teams! Below is just a snapshot of some of the ups and downs of Youth Grassroots football we've seen this season at some of our teams:

Little Rangers

It's been a fantastic year of progress for the large number of 5 and 6 year olds in the Little Rangers group. Learning the basics of football, some amazing skills and most importantly how to enjoy the game has been the focus. We're pleased to confirm 2 new teams starting up next season from our "graduates" and we look forward to the next intake at the start of the season. Good luck everybody.

Under 8's

This year was the first season as a team for the U8's after graduating from the Little Rangers squads and it's been amazing for all involved to watch the progress - both in terms of football and also in the team becoming a firm group of friends.

It took time for the team to get going but with great support from Parents and Coaches the team have progressed well and are starting to play some good football, score some goals and continue to have fun!

Moving into next season there is another big jump as they move to 7v7 on a bigger pitch with bigger goals but with the attitude shown this year as a new team they are sure to be rocking soon! Roll on 2019/20!

Under 9 Blues

It has been a very difficult season for the U9 Blues this year - having lost one of their devoted coaches, Zibby, to cancer last summer the boys showed their resilience and team spirit to spur each other on and had some great success in the pre season tournaments.

This gave them the confidence to play up a year in the U10 group to really allow them to test themselves and improve and they have excelled themselves - even coping with the loss of 3 of the squad to Portsmouth F.C Academy during the season to achieve well in the league and go on an extensive cup run.

Moving into next season there is an element of re-building required to replace those boys who've moved to Academies but with the attitude they've shown this season we're all sure this team will continue to be one to be proud of.

Under 9 Whites

The U9 Whites have progressed brilliantly in their first full season in the league, including a fantastic performance in a recent tournament. The team have developed their football knowledge and skills and performances have mirrored this development.

They're all looking forward to tackling Under 10 football next season...after a couple more Tournaments this summer, obviously!

Under 11 Blues

Everybody's favourite Lee Rangers team (ok, just mine, but I am their coach!) have excelled themselves this season. After 2 years of losing players, some difficult results and struggles the team have stuck together so well, continued to improve (and enjoy themselves) and spent the second half of the season seeing what is possible in terms of results when they keep at it.

I couldn't be prouder of the way the team continued turning up every week in the cold and wet when many players would of just stuck to the PlayStation. Seeing the joy of good football, plenty of goals and a lot of wins through the last 5 months has been brilliant and well deserved. We're all looking forward to next season and the competitive leagues - not something we would have said last summer!

Under 11 Whites

The Under 11 Whites have progressed well as a unit in terms of footballing capabilities and performances throughout this season but most impressive has been their development as a unit with fantastic team spirit throughout. Next season and the jump to competitive football is a big one but one that is being looked forward to as a team.

Under 12 Whites

Our U12 Whites have been at it again - winning the U12 Challenge cup this year against Gosport Borough in a hard fought match that was decided on penalties, Lee Rangers winning 9-8 on pens after the match finished 1-1. Amazingly, it was the 3rd year in a row they have won the Challenge Cup - the first time this has been done by a time in 30 years!

They then rounded out the season by winning the U12 Ancell League. Eat your hearts out Man City!

Under 12 Blues (Trojans)

Very proud of the Blues/Trojan lads who finished 3rd and achieved promoted back to Ancell division after dropping down a league this season - fantastic achievement and shows a great attitude amongst the players.

Some great results throughout the season and a strong team spirit...bring on 11 aside!

Under 13's

It's been an interesting season for the Under 13's with some wins, some draws and some defeats along the way. The team have enjoyed the season and certainly progressed well and are looking forward to next season.

Under 15's

The Under 15's finished in mid table, having won the same number of games as losing. They did give any supporters a lot to enjoy with a lot of goal and ending the season with a significantly positive goal difference. They're looking forward to being the top age group next season and will look to enjoy another positive season.

Under 16's

Congratulations to our U16s who won the league this season! It's taken 10 years of hard work and dedication to get to this point and they have a pair of very, very proud coaches right now! What a way to finish!

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